Well I think it is official now and I can say WOW!  Rumor has it that there is now going to be embroidery software that is compatible with Apple computers!  So all of you Apple owners can now enjoy using just one computer instead of going out and getting a PC just for your software!

Back in April, Pfaff had there convention in Reno Navada which was unusual to see them schedule this so close to the beginning of the year.  It was here where we first hear that Pfaff will be coming out with a new embroidery software that will be compatible with the Apple computers!  In total excitement for this we were looking for classes to prepare us for this most awesome move in embroidery software.

And now, Bernina’sBU or convention started the beginning of this week by


Well the time has come and I am excited to say it  is here.  Pfaff has started to introduce their new Embroidery Software called TruEmbroidery!  There are a lot of really cool things about this program that you the consumer will like.  You have to remember that there are a lot of different embroidery programs out on the market right now.  The great thing about the TruEmbroidery is that it is solely for the Mac Computers!  That is right it is the first embroidery software that is all about the Mac computers!  The cool thing is that the program supports most of the different embroidery machine extensions.  For example you can save files in the .hus, .jef, .xxx, .vp3, .exp along with many others.  These are formats that Bernina, Janome,...


Designed and created especially for Pfaff

A pretty, practical housewarming gift. Stitch our simple apple basket liner for your favorite basket.

Supplies You’ll Need:

• Pfaff sewing machine

• Round basket – approx. 10” – 12” across. NOTE: My “basket” is actually a wire plant hanger from the garden department… only $1.87!!! And…looks just like a basket my Gram had hanging in her kitchen wI was little!

• 6 – 3/8” or 5/8” round rings (plastic or metal)

• ¾ yd – 3/8” grosgrain ribbon to coordinate with fabric

• Fabric – 3 different coordinating fabrics – determine size after you measure your basket

• 1” wide bias (if using the Pfaff bias binder) – enough to go around the 3 circles – you’ll also have to determine this after you measure your basket. Piece strips as...

By Marie Duncan, Education Creative Coordinator
Did you ever wonder what Mr. and Mrs Snowman do on cold winter nights while you are asleep, warm in your bed? They are out, celebrating the cold snowy nights! Our two are having a skate, on a frozen winter pond, holding hands in the moonlight! Use your Smart Punching Machine to felt the essentials, and then define the action with free motion stitching.

Sewing Supplies:

Pfaff Sewing Machine
Pfaff Smart Punching Machine
Green and White Roving
Felt Scraps
1/4 Yard Green Cotton Fabric
1 Yard White on White Cotton Fabric
Sulky 12 or 30 wt. Blendable 4021
Sulky 12 or 30 wt. White Cotton
Sewing Thread
14” x 16” Blue Background Wool or Felt (Ours is hand dyed wool)
18” x 20” Cotton Batting
INSPIRA® size 90 Topstitch Needle
Open-Toe Free-motion Foot #820780-096...

Making napkins is a great way to practice using the rolled hem stitch and turning outside corners on your serger. Napkins add elegance to your place settings, and they’re also very practical.


1 yd (45″ wide) four 18″ dinner napkins (OR)
1 yd (45″ wide) six 15″ luncheon napkins.
2 spools matching or contrasting thread (woolly nylon is great for a rolled edge).
1 spool polyester thread for needle
size 80/12 universal serger needle (put a new needle in your serger)
Serger and rolled hem accessories
ruler, rotary cutter, and mat


Cut the fabric into squares (size given above). Always save the remaining scraps of fabric to use in making tension adjustments for the rolled edge.


Follow the guidelines in your manual and set up the serger for...

So these past few weeks have been really interesting here at the Eden Creative Sewing Center.  Any way I wanted to fill you in on my latest mission here.  As some of you know, I love to do the quilting and use as well as teach how to use the Pfaff Grand Quilter 18.8 and Imperial Frame.  I have learned that quilting on a frame and using a bigger machine is quite different than doing it on a tiny domestic machine.  Well, this hurdle has to do with a Pfaff Grand Quilter Hobby 1200.

Ok, I get the phone call from the owner stating how she is having a problem with her Pfaff Grand Quilter Hobby 1200 quilting machine.  I had asked her...

So it has been a few weeks now that Carolynn (the owner) has been teaching the Beginners Embroidery Class.  This class is totally awesome!  She has made this class into something that all beginner embroiderers should be taking.  The latest project was embroidering on a towel.  Now it did not matter what kind of towel whether it was a hand towel, bath towel or even a washcloth our people embroidered on them!  One of our customers has even taken this to a different level and is monograming on towels for her family!  Now how awesome is that!  The project was not specific as to what design to use or even what stabilizer to use and that is the beauty of this class.

Carolynn walks you through all the different kinds of stabilizers to use depending...

Sewing is a great skill that you can transform into either a part time or full-time job. Hundreds if not thousands of people like you have started successful sewing businesses across the globe. You can be like them if you take the right steps and take time to master this craft. The first thing you need to do is to make an initial research to find the machine that best suits your skills set and expertise. There is a plethora of options on the market, you just need to do proper research to find one that is reliable, durable, efficient, and within your budget. Here, for example, is a great compilation of Hemming device for beginners that is worth checking...

I sat with a customer yesterday and was going through the computer with her and we were going to put her 300 bonus designs that she received from Pfaff onto her computer. She received a usb stick with all the bonus designs and stitches on it to transfer to her machine. This is just not making sense to me as of right now. I went on the website they told me to go to and download the instructions for taking the designs from the USB Stick and transferring them to the Pfaff Creative Performance. I literally struggled with completing this task. Seriously does not look good when your customer is looking at you and asking you why she is purchasing a machine that we are having issues with. What was happening was when you take everything off the usb stick and then put the designs only back on it, the performance...

Being my first time at a Bernina convention I had the pleasure of meeting some great people as you can see. The energy is rising and we are really excited about what is going to be out there for our Bernina consumers! My good friend Joan Rivers made me promise 2 things to my customers. The first was to share all my knowledge with my store owners. That was the most important thing. The second was to learn about fashion! So now I will have to ask all of you what to do about my wardrobe. Isn’t she fabulous!

Ok so here is the scoop on what is happening in the world of Bernina! There is a lot happening and I want to share some of it with you. It can be a bit overwhelming and that is why we are going to take things slow ok? So here they are!

Drum roll please……….

1st – There are several new machines that will be making their appearance...