Embroidery Software and Apple Computers?

Well I think it is official now and I can say WOW!  Rumor has it that there is now going to be embroidery software that is compatible with Apple computers!  So all of you Apple owners can now enjoy using just one computer instead of going out and getting a PC just for your software!

Back in April, Pfaff had there convention in Reno Navada which was unusual to see them schedule this so close to the beginning of the year.  It was here where we first hear that Pfaff will be coming out with a new embroidery software that will be compatible with the Apple computers!  In total excitement for this we were looking for classes to prepare us for this most awesome move in embroidery software.

And now, Bernina’sBU or convention started the beginning of this week by

Folks I introduce you to the new Bernina 780

introducing two really cool things! First it was the unveiling of the new 7 Series Machines!  The NEW 7 Series are sounding pretty interesting!  Second, they filled everyone in on the embroidery software change that is going to happen.  The current V6 Embroidery Software will have a downloadable file that will have to be added to work on an Apple Computer.  We will be checking the Bernina website for the customer as well as the dealer site for this downloadable file.

Finally  they have listened to what we have been saying when it comes to embroidery software and Apple computers.  It has been a long road and many complaints but we saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  So, I want to say thank you to Pfaff and Bernina for making this all happen for Apple owners.  We are looking forward to see what your commercial embroidery software companies will be doing.  Stay tuned to see what will happen next!

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