Embroidery 101 Class Rocks

So it has been a few weeks now that Carolynn (the owner) has been teaching the Beginners Embroidery Class.  This class is totally awesome!  She has made this class into something that all beginner embroiderers should be taking.  The latest project was embroidering on a towel.  Now it did not matter what kind of towel whether it was a hand towel, bath towel or even a washcloth our people embroidered on them!  One of our customers has even taken this to a different level and is monograming on towels for her family!  Now how awesome is that!  The project was not specific as to what design to use or even what stabilizer to use and that is the beauty of this class.

Carolynn walks you through all the different kinds of stabilizers to use depending on what project you are working on.  This project was all about using the wash a way or water soluble stabilizers on the towels.  Carolynn suggests what type you should use whether it be a thin stabilizer or something thicker depending on the design.  This class is all about technique and having the knowledge to know what kind of threads, stabilizers and designs to use depending on the project you are working on.  Remember that there are a bunch of different brands and names of stabilizer out on the market.  Don’t get comfortable with just one type, step out of the box and try something new.

Check out our website for more classes that will be based on embroidery and also see what is online.  Online deals happening daily!  Thank you all and I sew hope you have a great day!  Post your pictures of projects you have completed on our facebook page!  What a great way to show those that don’t think that they can sew or embroider how easy it really is!

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