I am Bernina!

Being my first time at a Bernina convention I had the pleasure of meeting some great people as you can see. The energy is rising and we are really excited about what is going to be out there for our Bernina consumers! My good friend Joan Rivers made me promise 2 things to my customers. The first was to share all my knowledge with my store owners. That was the most important thing. The second was to learn about fashion! So now I will have to ask all of you what to do about my wardrobe. Isn’t she fabulous!

Ok so here is the scoop on what is happening in the world of Bernina! There is a lot happening and I want to share some of it with you. It can be a bit overwhelming and that is why we are going to take things slow ok? So here they are!

Drum roll please……….

1st – There are several new machines that will be making their appearance between now and the first half of 2014! Bernina is about perfection right? That is exactly what they are doing. Perfecting their product.

Bernette Chicago 7 * The New Bernette Chicago 7 Sewing/Embroidery machine. This machine does 7mm stitching folks! You do have the option of taking home just the machine or you can take home the machine and embroidery unit! That is a huge WOW in my book. Chicago 7 is replacing the Bernina Deco 340.

* There is a new line of Sergers that will be making their appearance in the beginning of 2014. The next step in the sergers to perfect will be the self threading end of things!

* The New Embroidery Software V 7! All I was able to see was a screen shot and it looked super user friendly. Easy to use and all on one screen! I will be taking class on this in the next few days! Really excited about this one because we who have the V6 software discovered the frustration when it came to working with it. I will keep you updated on this one. This really looks great!

* Bernina has now created 2 NEW TOP OF THE LINE sewing/embroidery machines! We were introduced to Bannerthe 7 series earlier this year and they saved the best for last at convention! The new Top of the Line machine by Bernina is the B 880! It looks just like the B 830 embroidery machine from 5 years ago but has all the latest and greatest features for us. When you turn the machine on it will glow with the new display. The used the same display from the 780 Embroidery machine giving a crisper look and more user friendly touch screen. Now I am not sure why or if we can use all these stitches but there will be 1,764 built in stitches on this machine! Stitch Designer for those who want to create there own stitches! This is a must see now that we have been heard. Right?

* Bernina has gone BIG when it comes to quilting! Seriously, I am talking Full Long Arm Quilting Big! This is just awesome because it is going to have the Quilt and Sit capability! You are probably saying it is a small work area. If you are thinking that way you are completely wrong. This is a full fledge, true Long Arm machine and frame. This is great for those looking at getting your own projects done.

There is so much more happening right now in the meetings that I am currently not in. I can’t get more info for you all if I am not there! I can tell you though that I am looking forward to fisherman’s warf and a possible ferry ride to see “The Rock”! Looking forward to catching up soon!

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