Pfaff Creative Performance Issues

I sat with a customer yesterday and was going through the computer with her and we were going to put her 300 bonus designs that she received from Pfaff onto her computer. She received a usb stick with all the bonus designs and stitches on it to transfer to her machine. This is just not making sense to me as of right now. I went on the website they told me to go to and download the instructions for taking the designs from the USB Stick and transferring them to the Pfaff Creative Performance. I literally struggled with completing this task. Seriously does not look good when your customer is looking at you and asking you why she is purchasing a machine that we are having issues with. What was happening was when you take everything off the usb stick and then put the designs only back on it, the performance would freeze up and not allow anything to happen. The only way to break this freeze was to pull the usb stick out. So after multiple phone calls to figure all this out, the owner Carolynn came out of her office and said “What if we try using the embroidery stick?” We took the directions and went through them one last time before trying Carolynn’s embroidery stick idea. Same result with a frozen machine. We agreed to try the embroidery stick and to our surprise it worked! Finally after about an hour we have found the solution! YEA!

This morning a representative called me about the issue we were having with this machine. I thanked him for the return call and then politely told them that I had found the solution for this. I explained very clearly what the directions said to do and he was reading along with me. He questioned step number 6 as did I when I was following them. He did not know who to tell about this issue so he told me “I will tell everyone.” Clearly this is all education error in my eyes. What makes me laugh is you would think they would have it printed the correct way before they tell the dealers to download it. Granted the screen shots and the explanation were nice and clear. That visual is a definite for most people when it comes to something like this. So kudos on that one Pfaff!

This is what you are going to want to do to transfer the designs from your usb stick to your Pfaff Creative Performance.

1) Put the usb stick with the designs and bonus stitches into the usb slot on your computer
2) Plug in your embroidery stick into a different usb slot on your computer
3) Open the usb stick with the 3 folders (designs, bonus stitches 1 and bonus stitches 2) and 2 pdf files
4) Select the “Designs” folder and right click on it, then copy
5) Open the embroidery stick and then right click and paste
6) remove the embroidery stick from computer and insert emb stick into Creative Performance
7) Select the menu icon on the bottom of the machine – this brings up the “personal folder”
8) Select the usb icon in the drop down menu at the top
9) Open the folder by holding your finger on the icon
10) Select the first folder and then hit the scissors at the bottom of the screen
11) Go to selected folder on Creative Performance and paste

That is what you are going to do to transfer designs and bonus stitches to machine. Once you have completed the transfer of designs, erase the folder from the embroidery stick and copy the two bonus stitches folders and paste them on the embroidery stick. Once on embroidery stick you can put them in the desired folder on machine.

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