The New Pfaff Ambitions

A few weeks ago we received one of the coolest machines from Pfaff!  Back at “Get Creative” which is a big Pfaff Dealer Event, they introduced the new Ambition 1.0 and the Ambition 1.5 for dealers to see! So, toward the end of May we received both the Ambition 1.0 and Ambition 1.5 and were totally blown away with the quality of the machine.  Paul took one out of the box and asked me to come over and listen to the machine run.  I could not believe how solid it sounded!  I was really impressed with what this machine is producing!  The Ambition is such a solid machine that is great for the beginner and experienced sewers .  If you are a rookie sewer or an experienced sewer and looking for an extremely affordable machine, the Ambition is here for you.

The Ambitions are super user friendly for the beginner sewer.  We are supplying them in our classes because of how user friendly they really are.  Let us not for get about the IDT feature on the Pfaff sewing machines!  IDT is known as the Integrated Duel Transfer feature.  In other words it is a built in walking foot!  If you are not sure what this feature looks like it is a very sleek feature on the back of the machine.  The original IDT™ System guarantees absolutely even fabric feed from top and bottom.  Perfect for the quilter and garment sewers that are out there.  This is also a great machine to use at quilting and sewing retreats.  So if you are local and are going to the Turtle-Rock Retreat in Angola, NY make sure to take your Ambition with you.

The Ambition 1.5 is also a phenomenal machine to own.  It is the Ambition 1.0 with some extras.  Seriously who does not want extras!  The Ambition 1.5 has all that the 1.0 has with the addition of 59 different stitches, large touch screen, start and stop button and many many more.  Check out the differences between the Ambition 1.0 and the Ambition 1.5 right here!

The Eden Creative Sewing Center is your Pfaff Dealer and the place where you can test drive any Pfaff machine with a project that you may be working on to see if it can handle it!  Stop in and be amazed when you see this machine pierce through 6 layers of denim!  I kid you not 6 layers of denim.  Try other fabrics that you may be considering like leathers, burlap, vinyl or even upholstery fabrics.  I dare you to try our new Ambition from Pfaff.  The Eden Creative Sewing Center is staying one stitch ahead of the rest!

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