Apple Basket Project


Designed and created especially for Pfaff

A pretty, practical housewarming gift. Stitch our simple apple basket liner for your favorite basket.

Supplies You’ll Need:

• Pfaff sewing machine

• Round basket – approx. 10” – 12” across. NOTE: My “basket” is actually a wire plant hanger from the garden department… only $1.87!!! And…looks just like a basket my Gram had hanging in her kitchen wI was little!

• 6 – 3/8” or 5/8” round rings (plastic or metal)

• ¾ yd – 3/8” grosgrain ribbon to coordinate with fabric

• Fabric – 3 different coordinating fabrics – determine size after you measure your basket

• 1” wide bias (if using the Pfaff bias binder) – enough to go around the 3 circles – you’ll also have to determine this after you measure your basket. Piece strips as necessary. NOTE: If you’re not using the bias binder, you may need to adjust the width of your bias strips to accommodate the method you choose to use to apply the bias.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Begin by measuring the inside width of your basket from the top edge down, across the bottom, and up the opposite side. Add 1” to this measurement to determine the size of your circle pattern.

2. Cut 3 circles this size.

3. Bind the edges of each circle with bias binding, turning under the raw end as you overlap at the starting point.

4. If desired, add lace or other trim to the edge of the bias.

5. Press each circle into sixths.

6. Pin two of the circles together, aligning the creases. Stitch along the creases.

7. Pin the third layer on top of the previous two, aligning the creases halfway between the stitched lines.

8. Making sure to stitch through only the top 2 layers, sew from the bias edge in towards the center approximately 2 ½”. Remember…DON’T stitch through the bottom layer!

9. Through only the top layer, srings to the bias edge halfway between the six sections just created.

10. Thread ribbon through the rings, pull up tightly and tie in a bow.

11. Tuck liner into your basket and fill with your favorite apples!

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