Celebrate Snow

By Marie Duncan, Education Creative Coordinator
Did you ever wonder what Mr. and Mrs Snowman do on cold winter nights while you are asleep, warm in your bed? They are out, celebrating the cold snowy nights! Our two are having a skate, on a frozen winter pond, holding hands in the moonlight! Use your Smart Punching Machine to felt the essentials, and then define the action with free motion stitching.

Sewing Supplies:

Pfaff Sewing Machine
Pfaff Smart Punching Machine
Green and White Roving
Felt Scraps
1/4 Yard Green Cotton Fabric
1 Yard White on White Cotton Fabric
Sulky 12 or 30 wt. Blendable 4021
Sulky 12 or 30 wt. White Cotton
Sewing Thread
14” x 16” Blue Background Wool or Felt (Ours is hand dyed wool)
18” x 20” Cotton Batting
INSPIRA® size 90 Topstitch Needle
Open-Toe Free-motion Foot #820780-096
1/4 inch Right Guide Foot with IDT™ #820541096
Invisible Zipper Foot #820474-096
Welting Foot #820530-096
20” Pillow Form
6/32” Filler Cord for Piping
12”-14” Invisible Zipper


From Green Cotton:
One strip 15” x 2 1/2” for embroidery
Two strips 2 1/2” x width of fabric for piping
From White Cotton:
Two strips 2 3/4” x 15”
Two strips 2 3/4” x 20”
Two backs 10 1/2” x 20”


1. Using white roving, create the snowman and woman by stacking three circles to create the bodies and felting them in place. We will define the bodies with stitching later, so don’t be too worried if they are not perfect! Ours are angled a bit, “moving forward over the ice” and the circles vary from 2 1/4” to 1” in diameter.
2. Using green roving, create some rough, tree shapes in the background. You are just trying to get an approximate Christmas tree shape. Again, we will define the trees with stitching later. Add snow drifts with white roving or yarn.
3. Add the details. We used some felt strips and some yarn. Either will work great for the stick legs, hat details etc.
4. Cut a hat from black felt, scarves from wool or felt scraps. Cut fringe into the ends of the scarves and leave the fringe free and un-felted.
5. Brown felt makes the stick legs and arms. Have the arms touch, so they can hold hands!
6. We made Mrs. Snowman’s hat with pieces of felt cut to create stripes. The “pompom” is narrow strips felted only at the bottom, allowing the top of the strips to be free for “movement” in the wind. Mr. Snowman’s scarf is yarn!
7. We cut out the green portions from a skein of multicolor yarn. Place short snips of yarn, 1” to 1/4” long in curves, to accentuate the shape of the trees in the background. Felt in place.
8. Make their skates by cutting a shape as shown, from grey or white felt. Felt it in place on the ends of their “stick” feet.
9. Put away your Smart Punching Machine, and get out your Pfaff Sewing Machine!
10. Insert a size 90 INSPIRA® Topstitch Needle.
11. Thread with sewing thread in the bobbin and white12 wt. or 30 wt. cotton thread on top.
12. Attach your Open-Toe Free-motion Foot.
13. Place your felted fabric onto a piece of cotton batting. This will help to support the free motion stitching and will give nice loft to your stitching.
14. Stitch around the snow man and the snow woman and snow banks. Stitch back and forth as shown on the ice.
15. Thread with green on top. We used Sulky Blendable 4021 which is nicely “tree” colored. Stitch, defining the tree shapes.
16. Cut down to 13” x 15”.

1. Using the fonts built into your machine, or your 4D Software, program in “Let it SNOW!!!” We used Lombard, size 29mm.
2. Hoop two layers of INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Light stabilizer.
3. Thread with white 40 wt. rayon thread on top and bobbin thread in the bobbin.
4. Place 2 1/2” x 15” strip of green cotton fabric on the stabilizer, centered, and baste in place.
5. Embroider the words.
6. Quicklink to 4D CrossStitcher.
7. Select: Start a new CrossStitch Design with no Picture, click Next.
8. Leave everything at the default settings.
9. Click Finish.
10. Select Full Cross .
11. Create a snowflake, following the diagram to the right.
12. Save the KRZ file as Snowflake.
13. Click 3D Create Stitches . Save the file
in My Designs as Snowflake Vp3.
14. Hoop INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Stabilizer.
15. Place your felted panel on the stabilizer with the needle where you want the center of the first snowflake to be. Embroider the snowflake.
16. Move the design to where you would like the next snowflake to be. Embroider a second snowflake. Continue moving the snowflake around until you the desired number of snowflakes.

1. Place the green strip right sides together with the felted panel. The words go above the panel.
2. Thread with sewing thread top and bobbin.
3. Snap on your 1/4 inch Right Guide Foot with IDT™.
4. Stitch the green strip to the felted panel.
5. Place one of the 2 3/4” x 15” white strips right sides together with the green strip. Stitch, using a 1/4” seam allowance.
6. Repeat for the bottom white strip.
7. Stitch one of the 2 3/4” x 20” white strips to each side.
8. Stitch the 2 1/2” x width of fabric piping strips end to end to form one long strip.
9. Thread with green sewing thread top and bobbin,
10. Wrap the piping strip around the cord. Snap on your Welting Foot.
11. Stitch the piping.
12. Place the piping on the edge of the pillow front matching the raw edges. Begin stitching 1” from the end. As you approach the corners, snip into the seam allowance of the piping to allow the fabric to lay flat. Stitch the piping in place ending 1” from where you began. Trim the ends so they overlap by 1”.
13. Using your seam ripper, rip the stitching back 1” on one of the ends.
14. Peel back the fabric and cut the cord so the two cord ends just meet.
15. Fold under the empty end of the fabric and wrap it around the opposite end.
16. Stitch the remaining unstitched portion.
17. Thread with white sewing thread top and bobbin.
18. Snap on your Invisible Zipper foot. Sew the invisible zipper between the two 20” sides of the back pieces.
19. Snap on your regular Zipper Foot. Sew the ends, on either side of the zipper. Press.
20. Place the pillow back and pillow front right sides together. Be sure that the zipper is open.
21. Snap on your Welting Foot. Stitch all the way around the pillow.
22. Turn through the zipper.
23. Insert the pillow form.
Bring on the SNOW!

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