Serging Napkins

Making napkins is a great way to practice using the rolled hem stitch and turning outside corners on your serger. Napkins add elegance to your place settings, and they’re also very practical.


  • 1 yd (45″ wide) four 18″ dinner napkins (OR)
  • 1 yd (45″ wide) six 15″ luncheon napkins.
  • 2 spools matching or contrasting thread (woolly nylon is great for a rolled edge).
  • 1 spool polyester thread for needle
  • size 80/12 universal serger needle (put a new needle in your serger)
  • Serger and rolled hem accessories
  • ruler, rotary cutter, and mat
  • scissors


Cut the fabric into squares (size given above). Always save the remaining scraps of fabric to use in making tension adjustments for the rolled edge.


Follow the guidelines in your manual and set up the serger for narrow rolled edge. Use scraps or the same fabric to adjust the stitch settings.


1) Start at one corner and serge across, barely trimming the edge of the fabric. Slow down as you get to the next corner and stop a few stitches from the end.

2) Turn the flywheel by hand until you take one stitch off the edge of the fabric. Raise the needle and the presser foot, then pull a slight amount of thread between the needle and the presser foot, then pull a slight amount of thread between the needle and the tension disc (for slack). Gently ease the thread off the stitch finger just a bit (for ease in turning).

3) Turn the fabric and continue until all sides and corners are finished. This method may require some practice so you can figure out how much slack in the thread is needed for your machine to make smooth, unloopy corners.

4) Put a drop of seam sealant on the last corner and let it dry before the chain is trimmed.

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